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Myth: I don’t need a CDP, I already have a CRM

Myth: I don’t need a CDP, I already have a CRM

“I don’t need a CDP, I already have a CRM”. This is what many marketers and customer success managers think. And yet, this Customer Data Platform goes far beyond the possibilities of a CRM.

To enrich customer knowledge, you need to be able to unify and reconcile all your data from all sources and channels, online and offline. CRM is just one source among others.

By unifying the data properly in a CDP, one must identify a consumer present in different databases as being a single individual, where one might initially think it is several people. By collecting and unifying all the information about him, we gain a lot of customer knowledge.

Reda Saidi, International Project Manager, and Matthieu Villain, Customer Success Manager at Scal-e explain in 1 minute top chrono why you need a CDP, even if you already have a CRM.

In short, here are some of the advantages of a CDP, which are essential to implement a successful marketing strategy:

  • Connection to all data sources
  • Unification and reconciliation of customer data
  • Improvement of customer knowledge
  • Enhancement of the customer journey

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Scal-e is a CDP (Customer Data Platform) that enables you to connect several data streams (website, points of sale, CRM and others) in a single datamart. In this way, brands can access their data, such as unified customer profiles and real-time information, to get to know their customers better and respond to their needs at the right time, through the right channel. From the same platform, brands can also build their marketing strategy (audience builder, scripting, planning, loyalty programme) and apply it without having to change software.