Platform set-up

Implementation cost

It varies according to the type of project
Scal-e Licence

Platform cost

According to the choice of the package, or of the customized formula
CDP Advanced
The CDP advanced offer allows you to benefit from the CDP module in a less expensive way by limiting its use to the collection of data from your RCU
CDP Premium
The CDP premium offer allows you to set up a customized RCU thanks to the collection of online, offline and even on-chain data.
CDP + Loyalty
The CDP (advanced or premium) + Loyalty offer allows you to use the functions of the CDP to aggregate customer knowledge and use it in your loyalty, animation or sponsorship program
CDP + Distributed marketing
The CDP (advanced or premium) + distributed marketing offer allows your local teams to access and exploit customer knowledge aggregated through CDP
CDP + Marketing automation
The CDP (advanced or premium) + omnichannel marketing automation offer allows you to use the functions of CDP to aggregate customer knowledge and use it in your relational, transactional or conversational campaigns
Package with your image
Benefit from the native integration of all Scal-e platform modules to create a package that meets your needs in terms of data collection and quality, privacy, omnichannel activation, loyalty, and reporting.

Cost of additional services

Marketing, Consulting, the Scal-e team offers you dedicated services to finalize your project
Included in the license
Ticketing and Hotline assistance / 2 annual strategic points with a customer success manager / Reinforced training / 3-month editor’s warranty / Server, datamart & customized marketing platform
Data handling / Evolution request / Additional training / Professional services / Development support / HTML support / Third party application / Dedicated Martech consultant

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    The Scal-e platform adapts to your needs

    Whether ou are at any stage of your project, our platform follows you and adapts over time. Its modular nature allows you to choose the features you need at the moment, but also to unlock new possibilities as soon as you want.

    Take advantage of our experts’ advice to meet your brand’s needs.

    • Learn how Scal-e has helped companies in your industry innovate
    • Choose the modules that will help you develop your customer acquisition
    • Create the customer journey that suits you

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    Some references

    Doreen Schmidt

    Doreen Schmidt

    Customer Experience Manager – American Vintage (Retail)
    Scal-e can customize everything depending on your needs and adapts perfectly to your business environment! The initial set-up stage was as professional as today’s daily support.

    is the average opening rate observed over the last 3 months for more than 9 million mailings

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    Lison Varay

    Lison Varay

    Digital & Relationship Marketing Manager – ADN (entertainement)
    Managing our customer data has never been easier! Everything is organized, in one place and sending marketing campaigns is a breeze with Scal-e.
    +2 M

    of contacts solicited via Scal-e around the 430 animated items proposed on ADN