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The essentials for setting up a loyalty program

The essentials for setting up a loyalty program

The key to any marketing action, including the creation of a personalized loyalty program, is to collect all the data from various sources within the same platform. Afterwards, you can unify them around customer profiles to have the ability to manage and animate your program.

At a data collection level, a CDP like Scal-e, with its integrated loyalty management module, allows you to reconcile data with multiple keys, to create constellation data models with as many objects as desired. CDP facilitates the administration and use of data (in targeting, personalization, exporting…).

After collecting data and building segments, as explained in our article “How to segment customers for a customized loyalty program”, the second step is to define the loyalty program and implement it thanks to the loyalty module integrated in Scal-e.

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How to set up a loyalty program

  • To set up your loyalty program, you must :
  • Imagine its functioning, its mechanics and choose the specific criteria and benefits you want to collect (points, status, turnover, reviews…) 
  • Define your objectives and the KPIs to follow in order to measure the impact of your program on your customers and on your different segments.
  • Build and set up your loyalty program taking into account the rules and conditions for awarding points and benefits.
  • Create the first variables allowing you to animate your program, by adding calculated values or aggregates for targeting; for example (date of the last visit, first purchase, number of visits over a year, turnover over a year…)
  • Start the animation of your program with generic messages, but personalized with the customer data collected beforehand (welcome message, thank you after a first purchase, reminder of inactive members, reminder and sending of program benefits…)
  • Monitor member activity according to the KPIs you have defined through standard or customized dashboards.

Once your loyalty program is set up in your loyalty management solution and the first animations of your program are launched, you will be able to analyze the results of your animations and the reactions of your members and segments against the KPIs.

The Scal-e platform offers standard or customized dashboards that show their involvement in the loyalty program.

This way, you can evolve your loyalty program and customize it according to the results obtained.

Discover now how to customize a loyalty program according to segmentation.

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Scal-e is a CDP (Customer Data Platform) that enables you to connect several data streams (website, points of sale, CRM and others) in a single datamart. In this way, brands can access their data, such as unified customer profiles and real-time information, to get to know their customers better and respond to their needs at the right time, through the right channel. From the same platform, brands can also build their marketing strategy (audience builder, scripting, planning, loyalty programme) and apply it without having to change software.