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LABEL | Scal-e receives the Real CDP™ label

LABEL | Scal-e receives the Real CDP™ label
LABEL Scal-e reçoit le label Real CDP logo

Scal-e becomes Real CDP™ , the first French software company recognized by the CDP Institute.

Founded in 2016 by David Raab, the CDP Institute educates marketers on the issues, methods and technology used to manage customer data, with a focus on Customer Data Platforms / Content Data Platform.

On April 4, 2019, the RealCDP™ label is being launched to address the confusion in the CDP market. Many software solutions sold as CDP do not meet David Raab’s (2013) definition of what is CDP: “A software suite capable of maintaining a unified and persistent customer database that is accessible to external systems.” 

Therefore, a list of criteria defining the “RealCDP™”, was created to distinguish the real from the fake. Scal-e does meet these 5 criteria:

  • integrating data from any source
  • capturing fully the details of the embedded data
  • storing embedded data indefinitely (outside of the cases subjected to privacy regulations)
  • creating unified profiles of the identified customers (one for each individual, independent of their different accounts and logins)
  • sharing data with any system that needs it

So, at Scal-e are proud to be part of the RealCDP™ shortlist.

The Martech and CDP market is booming.

This label is a guarantee of confidence for future CDP users. Today the market is growing very fast. This very strong growth attracts many challenges. This makes it difficult to choose, especially since some will invest more in communication than in development and optimization.

What the Scal-e CDP has to offer:

  • Customized datamart (B2B, B2C, B2B2C)
  • Natively integrated (Loyalty, Business Intelligence, Audience Builder, Marketing automation etc)
  • Modular offer (Startu-er, advanced, premium)
  • Integrated ETL
  • Creation of Connectors / new flows to be connected to the datamart in a few hours
  • Hybrid or private cloud offer
  • Scalable platform for large volumes of data

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Scal-e is a CDP (Customer Data Platform) that enables you to connect several data streams (website, points of sale, CRM and others) in a single datamart. In this way, brands can access their data, such as unified customer profiles and real-time information, to get to know their customers better and respond to their needs at the right time, through the right channel. From the same platform, brands can also build their marketing strategy (audience builder, scripting, planning, loyalty programme) and apply it without having to change software.

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