The 1st insight-driven customer experience

The Mapp Cloud platform is designed specifically to help consumer brands run highly personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns.  

  • Mapp Cloud’s powerful AI and analytics allow you to drill down into your data to generate actionable predictions and insights for your next marketing campaign.
  • Mapp Cloud helps you create personalized experiences based on your customers’ personalities and interests by making every interaction count.
  • Mapp Cloud makes your data understandable, accessible and actionable by unifying it in your Customer Data Platform (CDP) and giving you a single customer view.
  • Mapp Cloud enables you to design and implement a rich cross-channel marketing strategy to improve customer engagement and stay close to your customers throughout their journey.
  • Easily integrate Mapp Cloud into the rest of your marketing ecosystem so that your data is unified and exchanged more intelligently with our flexible APIs.

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