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A social network that allows brands to build awareness, share content and create targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Ensure your company’s presence on the most used social network in the world so that your prospects and customers can discover you, get information about your company, contact you and interact with you.
  • Share different types of content to engage your community and communicate your brand.
  • Deliver targeted Facebook ads to proactively reach new customers and build loyalty.
  • Help you achieve your business goals: generate leads, boost conversions on your website, improve your customer service.
  • Collect data on your customers to implement acquisition and retargeting strategies, thanks to the Facebook Pixel and the Facebook Conversions API.
  • Facebook Conversions API with Scal-e
  • The Facebook Conversions API is the tool you need to boost your Facebook and Instagram campaigns by increasing your ROI.
  • Collect online and offline events on the server associated with your website or mobile application.
  • Improve your targeting and thus optimize the return on investment of your advertising budget.
  • Connect all your touch points to your Facebook Business Manager account to cover the entire customer journey.
  • Respect the confidentiality of your clients and manage consents.

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