Single cloud platform for the entire organization

Connecting people together and reducing complexity, we ensure your teams are focused & aligned at every stage of corporate growth.

To ensure corporate productivity & competitiveness, everyone in the organization – no matter department or business function – should be moving in the same direction. Our suite enhances productivity, collaboration and promotes a shared vision to help leaders succeed in their responsibilities and initiatives.


Find out what’s in it to help you get your job done:

  • Marketers

    Achieve true customer-centricity.
    We connect you with your customers across every touchpoint.
    • Deploy resources effectively on channels that work best
    • Create & manage customer journeys
    • Engage the right customers at the right time, through the right device
    • Deploy all marketing tactics into integrated consumer engagement model
    • Personalize every 1-to-1 interaction
    • Boost marketing effectiveness & incremental revenues
  • Agency

    Deliver better and faster results.
    We'll guide you to serve your clients in full.
    • Manage all clients from a single platform
    • Prove your expertise & value by advising the right strategy
    • Create relevant content
    • Drive unbeatable multichannel campaigns
    • Monitor and measure your performance
    • Optimize efforts, while making your clients succeed
  • Point of Sale

    Sell faster, sell smarter, sell more.
    We'll take you from visit to revenue in no time.
    • Increase in-store traffic & boost conversions
    • Recognize the customer from any location of engagement, across channels, products & operations
    • Improve clienteling & customer service
    • Seize high-value sales opportunities
    • Provide personalized offers based on individuals’ preferences & purchase decisions
    • Increase repeated purchases, customer LTV & loyalty
  • IT

    Define digital transformation strategy.
    We execute, you benefit.
    • Increase productivity across all systems
    • Integrate the whole marketing technolgy stack in one place
    • Automate every activity & increase productivity
    • Sync and connect every department
    • Stay ahead of technology trends
    • Drastically reduce implementation & training costs
  • Top Management

    Focus on what really matters.
    We'll help you to speed up and streamline your workload.
    • Gain visibility at a glance with enhanced reports & dashboards
    • Take decisions based on facts
    • Assess & measure your employees performances in real time
    • Accelerate growth of your business
    • Lead transformation, innovation & agility
    • Get company strategy supported, and more enrollment
  • Data Officer

    Maximize the power of our entire data.
    We'll support all your data-driven initiatives.
    • Consolidate and understand the data across silos, no matter structural complexity
    • Streamline data centralization & integrity
    • Ensure data quality, accuracy & security
    • Establish a holistic omnichannel customer view
    • Embed regulatory compliance
    • Turn data into a true business asset

All in one place to help you succeed

Whether you're looking for answers to industry specific questions or to resolve a specific business challenge, Scal-e MarTech Suite will help.