Plug 'n' Play Modules

Nativly integreated, yet modular

  • All-in-one & Modular
  • Easy to deploy
  • Tailored for every need
  • Intuitive
  • Data-driven
  • Scalable
  • AI & ML powered
  • Secure
  • Real-time

Our MarTech Suite allows you to pick the built-in modules that fit your business goals

  • Customer Data Platform

    Unified data for 360⁰ profiles. All interactions. One place. One click away.

    Our state-of-the art CDP allows you to consolidate & integrate all customer information from all touchpoints and systems into a single point of truth. This fuels your entire marketing strategy with insight-based consumer intelligence for sophisticated segmentation, pinpoint targeting and personalization.

    • All customer data centralized & structured
    • Dynamic segmentation & behavioral clustering
    • Predictive behaviors & anticipated needs
    • Personalized recommendations for tailored campaigns
    • Optimized conversions & engagements

    Bring your data to life

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  • Campaign Management

    Right message, right moment, right channel, right people. As seamlessly, as never before.

    Orchestrate customer experiences and enhance real-time 1-to-1 interactions across channels.
    Have meaningful and relevant conversations with your customers, effortlessly. Easy set-up lifecycle campaigns with a drag & drop tool. Drive deeper engagement, increase customer retention and CLV by reaching all your customers with personalized content, through the right channel, at the right time.

    • Real-time contextual interactions
    • Higher conversions
    • Omnichannel customer journeys
    • Campaign optimization & automation
    • Across all relevant touchpoints

    Work smarter, not harder

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  • Customer Loyalty

    Make your special customers feel that way! Pamper them with unique offers and rewards, and they will always stay by your side.

    Loyal customers are your best friends: they visit often, purchase frequently and spend more. Our loyalty management module is designed to automate complex loyalty rewards programs and nurture relationships with members whenever, wherever. Drastically improve customer retention, spending and purchase frequency.

    • Recognize loyal customers online & offline
    • Manage members preferences & transactions
    • Automate redemptions & rewards
    • Deliver special & personalized offers
    • Drive satisfaction & push repeat purchases


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  • Event Management

    Streamline the entire event lifecycle. Engage audiences and create experiences to remember.

    Events are powerful marketing tactics to increase brand awareness, connect with potential clients and strengthen relationships with existing ones.
    With our Event module you can create significantly more personalized and adaptive experiences for your audiences and guests before, during and after the event.

    • Attract high value public
    • Simplify registration & manage RSVPs
    • Boost attendance & reduce no-shows
    • Capture you guest’s attention
    • Keep your audience involved after the event

    Simplify the process, satisfy your audience

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  • Referral Marketing

    Let them spread the word and bring new customers at no cost.

    Empower your current customers and partners to become brand advocates. Drive faster customer acquisition at lower cost by integrating affiliate or referral programs into your existing marketing stack. Easily identify, enroll and reward ambassadors, affiliates, influencers and customers across channels and devices using our fully scalable referral marketing module.

    • Track & measure conversions
    • Hire revenue-driving brand ambassadors
    • Stimulate advocacy
    • Automate rewards
    • Multi-program & campaign workflows

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