Plug 'n' Play Modules

Nativly integreated, yet modular

  • All-in-one & Modular
  • Easy to deploy
  • Tailored for every need
  • Intuitive
  • Data-driven
  • Scalable
  • AI & ML powered
  • Secure
  • Real-time

Our MarTech Suite allows you to pick the built-in modules that fit your business goals

  • Data management

    To get a 360 view of your customers, your data needs to be unified, clean and secured.

    Building complex and compliant segmentation, resulting in effective communication with your prospects and clients, is a matter of customer knowledge. You must know them as precisely as possible.

    Improve your relational marketing strategies with unified and compliant customer data, thanks to the mix of an ETL, a CDP, a privacy management engine, and a normalisation engine.

    • Extract transform and load (ETL) & Customer Data Platform (CDP)
    • Advanced Data Quality
    • Customer Privacy (RGPD, CDPR, …)

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  • Audience Builder

    To get precise and custom targeting, you need to have enriched customer intelligence.

    Driving effectively your relational strategies: recruiting, animating or building up customer loyalty, is a matter dynamic and behavioral targeting. This will lead you to build customized recommendations for tailored campaigns.

    The modules “score”, “segment”, “aggregate”  the data from the datamart and all of the modules of data management.

    • Scores
    • Aggregates & Calculates values
    • Segmentation

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  • Omnichannel Orchestration

    To send the right message, at the right moment, to the right person, by the right channel you need to build a faithful customer relationship.

    To be closer to your customers by creating a unique experience locally and globally, you need to empower your brand: dedicated marketing enriched with different levels of collected data.

    Setting customer experiences and improving custom real-time interactions on every channel, is a matter of presence. You need to exist to your clients, to stimulate them and build up their loyalty at every step of they life cycle, with the right message, at the right time, by the right channel.

    • Omnichannel campaigns: Email, SMS, Print, Social networks, Wechat, mobile wallet, Shop/Agency/ customer service (clienteling) …
    • Distributed Marketing

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  • Customer Retention

    To get a better experience and build up customers loyalty, you need to operate with customer intelligence.

    Stimulating customer satisfaction and repeated purchases is a matter of custom communication. You have to be able to send loyalty offers and reward based on transactions, relations, events, and take into account the preferences of your customer.

    The Customer Retention and Advanced Marketing Pressure modules operate the functions of the other modules: data management, audience builder and omnichannel orchestration, to automate relational or complex loyalty programs.

    • Loyalty programs
    • Advanced Marketing Pressure
    • Self service NPS / forms


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  • Customer Intelligence

    To get good quality customer data, you need an easy way to access and share the information.

    Measuring the performances globally or locally: turnover and ROI transformation; taking quick and effective decisions, is possible only with a correct and clear overview of your marketing strategies, and a status of your customer relationship.

    The Clienteling and Customer Intelligence modules operate all of the data in the other Scal-e modules. All information isresumed in one dashboard module tailored to your needs.

    • Tailored Dashboards
    • Clienteling (SAV, PoS)
    • Self service BI

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