Your industry. Your rules.

No matter your industry or market segment, we support your business growth.

Settori, mercati ed imprese differenti hanno differenti aspettative. Lo sappiamo.

La nostra piattaforma è fatta per supportarti qualnque sia il tuo settore, grazie alle capacitá di essere programmata su misura per la tua attivitá, che sia B2C o B2B.


Vedi alcune delle industrie in cui operiamo:

  • Retail

    Offer a seamless experience to your shoppers.
    Never ending. Always relevant

    • Boost your sales by merging the gap between offline and online for a connected shopping experience across multiple channels.
    • Get to know your customers with unique 360-degree customer view.
    • Increase loyalty by predicting their actions and planning hyper personalized campaigns, experiences and messages.
    • Use real-time datato provide an excellent clienteling service at the point of sale, with preference-based recommendations to build 1-to-1 relationships.

    Case Study

    American Vintage

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  • E-commerce

    Accelerate your buyers' journey and say goodbye to shopping cart abandonment. Anywhere. 24/7.

    • Get in front of your online shoppers and stay on top of their mind with the best online experience.
    • Regain up to 70% of lost sales using behavior tracking tools and predictive analysis. Understand your online visitors and reach them with relevant content, personalized promotions and offers.
    • Increase your sales with recommendations based on purchase history and boost your win-back campaigns by enabling your team to manage your buyers’ preferences and leverage real-time triggers.
    • Inspire your visitors with targeted suggestions, seduce them with inviting promotions and help them with unique recommendations.

    Case Study

    Blanc Cerise

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  • Beni di Consumo

    Reach before the switch. Swiftly.

    • In an industry where consumers quickly switch from a brand to another, personalization is key. Anticipate consumers’ trends and increase retainment opportunity.
    • Implement a multi-channel engagement strategy to reach your customers whenever, wherever. Whether offline or online, offer your customer the special treatment they deserve.
    • Smoothly manage your promotions, coupons and prices to deliver tailored customer experiences.
    • Rely on demographic targeting and advanced segmentation to build long-lasting 1-to-1 relationships.

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  • Servizi Finanziari

    Build profitable and trustworthy relationships across all your offerings. No matter what the distribution channel is.

    • Focus on the most valuable clients with our advanced scoring tools. Nurture long-term relationships at the corporate or broker level and become a trusted advisor to your clients by fully understanding their situation.
    • Secure sophisticated multi-channel engagement relevant to clients’ specific requirements without compromising compliance.
    • Accurately segment your audience to boost your scalability; manage your partners and network thanks to extended control function.
    • Drip email campaigns to keep up your clients’ level of engagement with your products and solutions.

    Case Study

    BNP Paribas

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  • Farmaceutica

    Put audience experiences and brand engagement at the center of your care. Painlessly.

    • Gather a concise picture of each profile’s information, wants, needs & engagements in one place, allowing you to maintain close relationships with your target audiences.
    • Build trust in your brand by conducting more informed and fluid discussions with Key Opinion Leaders (pharmacists, savvy communities, healthcare professionals) whether via the internet, apps, social media or in-person.
    • Ensure personalized care & treatment tailored to consumer preferences, lifestyle and clinical needs.
    • Scale-up & control your product distribution network to keep up with competitors in a highly regulated environment.

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  • Viaggi & Ospitalitá

    Take your travelers and guests on their most beautiful adventure. Make them your ambassadors. Make it personal. Flawlessly.

    • Business or holidays; solo or group; frequent or not – we help you to deliver the best experiences in hotels, restaurants, resorts, casinos or with airlines.
    • Satisfy high-end demands by offering services in line with guests’ tastes, preferences, comforts and travel behaviors, while ensuring accurate geographical & demographical segmentation.
    • Stay on-top of guests expectations by surprising them with an expansion of offerings across the whole travel journey, and enhance communication efficiency through dynamic and predictive content.
    • Increase engagement and loyalty of your customers while streamlining your processes and reducing your costs.

    Case Study

    La Boucherie

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  • Telecomunicazioni

    Skyrocket connected consumer experience across interactions with each department. No churn.

    • Severe market competition and regulatory pressure? You can still manage large data volumes; and increase profitability and efficiency.
    • Perform in-depth analysis and use advanced customer segmentation based on billings, trouble tickets, user profiles to personalize every single conversation.
    • Through trigger-based marketing, develop strategies to maintain consistent relationships and communication, while optimizing retention costs and return on investment.
    • Secured and high-speed to deliver a superior service and enhance the power of tailored offerings through contextualized messaging.

    Case Study

    Bouygues Telecom

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