Why are we moving to a new office?

That’s it – We’re moving to a new office!

Moving is always a little confusing, even whithin a company. We leave a place full of memories, full of signed deals, of exciting talks to add new features to our software, full of coffee, candies, bills and meetings.


Why does a company decide to move to a new office?

What do we expect?



The team is growing, and it’s becoming tight. We need to spread out. We need air. We need more space to visualize and put everything down, to plan and make schemes everywhere – on post-its, large sheets of paper, and even on the walls.



It’s so nice to work in a bright office with beautifully aligned windows and shutters to match their frames; each reflecting a part of Paris, pulling us out of our screens and folders to give us some inspiration.

Oh, there, La Samaritaine! They say the shop will reopen this summer, which means we have a few months left to witness the event.



We will not take the same path every morning or evening, and we will not have lunch at the same places. It’s over – the nice bio-corner down the street. Bye-bye to the rainbow pedestrian crossing. Hello American restaurant, with its flashy-blue cozy couches looking like an all new Diner out of nowhere. Hello, la meilleure baguette de Paris, which we’ll eat proudly several times like it’s our first one.



If we stare at a cube from the sky all our lives, we’ll always see a simple square. Sometimes we need to go around, to dare a bit farther –  and maybe not straight – to see things differently and make our perception evolve.

So, that’s it! We are moving to a new office, and that’s for everyone’s benefit: our team, our software, and indeed, our clients.


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