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The problem often posed in a communication strategy is ensuring harmony between the content created by the head office and that of its subsidiaries/franchises/partners. 

The head office/headquarters, is often seen as the guardian of the brand image. Subsidiaries, franchises, and other partners are too often relegated to the background, often having to make do with only graphic PDFs to keep the brand alive. Such companies must then adopt a global strategy which is called Distributed Marketing

marketing distribué


💡 Local activation of the brand’s group strategy

💡 Greater scope of responsibilities for local entities

💡 Enable the central office to concentrate on greater value-added tasks

💡 Increase ROI and efficiency

💡 Manage brand governance on the network

💡 Ensure a unique user experience

💡 Respect the constraints of data regulations

💡 Enhance the image of the brand

💡 Get to know your customers better 

« It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to destroy it. »

(Warren Buffet)

Branding is the essence of a company. The process of creating and making it known is long and arduous. As the company grows, more risks are encountered that may deviate away from the original path traced by the brand. 

It is through understanding the customers’ needs that Scal-e has developed a platform to manage this harmonization of distributed marketing efforts. The result is an interface designed for collaborative work, common template sharing, and content personalization according to the media fixed by the brand. Here is an illustrated example of what our clients can accomplish with our platform

Does this issue speak to you? Do you have adequate tools in your company?  

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Scal-e is a CDP (Customer Data Platform) allowing to connect several data flows (website, points of sale, and others) in a single datamart. This gives brands access to their own data: unified customer profiles, up-to-date information in real time, to better know their customers and respond to their needs at the right time, through the right channel. In the same platform, brands can build their marketing strategy (audience builder, scripting, planning, loyalty program) and apply it without changing software.


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