Scal-e and Facebook Conversions API

The API to boost Facebook and Instagram ads. 

The Digital Marketing Hub Scal-e adds a new card to its deck: the Facebook Conversions API
For this end of year the Scal-e platform is reaching out to advertisers. Thanks to the Facebook Conversions API, Facebook for Business users will be able to bypass cookie blocking and have a better Return on Investment during their Facebook and Instagram campaigns. 

Advertisers generally use the Facebook Pixel tool, which offers to collect web browsing data directly. But with the increasingly frequent limitations related to confidentiality and cookie blocking, Pixel is becoming less and less effective. We see the problem in its less precise targeting, due to the lack of information.   

Still, advertisers need to run more campaigns to achieve results, as Facebook announces a 150% increase in cost per share.    

But this feature has been improved, and this is where the Facebook Conversions API was born. 

In addition to addressing this issue, the Facebook Conversions API by Scal-e has other advantages for advertisers and their agencies:  

  • Better respect for privacy rules by improving the management of consents and private data shared on Facebook.   
  •  Provide the user with a complete view of the “customer journey” regardless of the channel: online and offline   
  • Offer more impactful advertising through more precise targeting  
  • Have a more realistic measure of advertising ROI  

Scal-e is a Digital Marketing Hub for large and medium-sized B2B or B2C companies wishing to exploit their data to reduce their acquisition and loyalty costs.

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